Lack of Motivation…

I don’t know if it was the extremely busy holiday season, issues with my divorce process, or just the weather… It seems my motivation tank is running on empty these days.  I was going to tackle 2010 with 115% full force; however, magic has been on the back burner for me as I’m occupied with a move, college plans, and career goals. I’ve started reading a book on the psychology of magic and have found that my motivation has picked up a little bit. To my magician entertainment peers reading this, what do you guys do to help rekindle the flame when you are burnt out?


One response

  1. I think you need to find some inspiration is all. Often times in life we slip into old patterns and habits. Be it a relationship or family or friends even, things can take our inspirations and snuff them out without even realizing it.

    February 5, 2010 at 9:50 +00:00Feb

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