NEW “Official Bryan Gilles Comedy Magic” Merchandise

I’m excited to announce the release of new products added to my show souvenir line!!!

These items can be purchased at my shows or online (through PayPal).

Please contact me for more information…

  • Severed Rope Trick- A solid rope is cut in half then restored with a magic case.

  • Uneven Rope Trick (Professor’s Nightmare)- Three different size ropes are made equal then returned back to their original sizes.

  • Svengali Deck- a specially constructed deck that can be used by to perform various card tricks. The deck and the tricks performed with it are self-working and require almost no skill.

!!!!!JUST ADDED!!!!

  • The Simple Three Card Monte- Three cards are displayed by the magician. The middle card is removed from the fanned-out cards by the magician or audience member and the card magically changes into a different card.
  • 5 x 7 Autographed Bryan Gilles Comedy Magic Linking Ring Postcard
  • 6 x 9 Autographed Bryan Gilles Comedy Magic  “Live On Stage” Window Card
  • “Tyson” Rubber Chicken Keychain

Videos and photos for these items will be posted soon…


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