Glenn County Fair 2010

-2010 Glenn County Fair

Now that I’m home and have had a little time to rest, I figured I would share video and some photos taken from my performances at the Glenn County Fair in Orland, Ca.  It was a fun experience and honor to be able to present my magic show to people who don’t live to far from me. I had the opportunity to share my passion with many fair-goers in a total of fourteen shows in under four days. This is a market I hope to really dive into in 2011. I tell you what though…it’s a whole different animal than what I am use to. The great outdoors, random “acts of God,” and the occasional heckler with the cold beer in hand are just a few of the obstacles I learned real quick about. I’m so excited to restructure my show to better fit this market and provide much more for the next year of shows!

I’d like to give a special thanks to John Gentry and the Swan Brothers Circus ( for making me feel so welcome…


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