Custom-made Devil’s Handkerchiefs

Homemade Hanks

  • Each handkerchief is handmade
  • Discreet “markers” to insure you are opening the handkerchief without error
  • Easy Washing- after each show, toss it in the wash
  • Professional Stitching- made to withstand countless performances
  • Customized Colors to fit your shows theme and/or color scheme
  • Quick Delivery- You can insure your custom handkerchief will be shipped within 48 hours from the time you ordered
“April’s hanks added that extra “little touch” I was looking for to give my show a more professional feel. She made over a dozen hanks with the same color/ pattern scheme- making my demanding fair schedule less of a headache when it came to resetting between shows.”        – Bryan Gilles

Each hank can be made to fit your shows color scheme…or your costume style…

“After reviewing several of Bryan’s photo’s on his website, I got a feel for what he was looking to have made. He requested that they blend within his show’s color scheme; yet stand out enough to fit within the routine he would be performing- in this case, it was for  “The Vanishing Bandanna Trick.” I made several sets for him and the outcome was even a better match then I had expected ”    – April Havens

Don’t forget the holidays

Custom hanks can be made to fit the holiday of your choice…

To order please email please include your name, phone number, and color scheme request. You will be contacted shortly to discuss your customized Hank. Purchases can be made by PayPal.

*$20.00 for a Standard Hank *$25.00 for a Holiday Hank
(price includes shipping and handling)


One response

  1. Hi Bryan-

    I’m interested in getting one of your Hanks. I’m liking the Purple one w/stars in the last photo above.


    September 10, 2010 at 9:50 +09:30Sep

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