What to expect in 2012…

Dear Friends, Family, and Fans of Bryan Gilles Comedy Magic!

I’m incredibly excited to announce some exciting new projects and shows slated for 2012!
My fiance (April) and I recently moved into our new home in Red Bluff, Ca. after seven months of actively building it. I’m learning fast that a new home comes with lots of new responsibilities and tasks to make it “our own.” I’m excited to finally have the optimal space to return to fabricating quality illusions not only for myself but other performers. One of my deepest passions in magic is the process of developing an illusion from a simple sketch to the final coat of paint. It will be fun to return to doing that after a four year break. I’m teaming up with the very talented Jeff Crank from “Crank’s Signs & Artistry” on two projects that will be a part of my stage show. Without tipping too much, I’ll be working with two of the deadliest animals found in the jungle for an exciting transposition; as well as, a popular “cutting in half” illusion. I’m super excited to be able to use the artwork with permission from the original owner Dave Womach and its artist (and fellow illusioneer) Chance Wolf on this illusion. Those in the magic-community know of this piece as “Modern Art.”
Speaking of Dave Womach, I’ll be adding one of his signature pieces to my show known as “OLEP” or “Orange, Lemon, Egg, & Parakeet (picture on the left).” It’s an exciting routine using each item in its title. The effect is simple and straight forward. The magician shows a birdcage with a parakeet inside. He removes the parakeet from the cage and vanishes it. He vanishes an egg. Next a lemon, but when he gets to the orange, he finds that he cannot vanish it. Taking out a knife, he cuts open the orange and inside he finds a lemon. Next, he cuts the lemon in half only to find the egg! He takes the egg, breaks it open inside the cage and the parakeet reappears.
I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to be working with this illusion as it is my favorite magic routine and became an illusion I lusted over shortly after seeing it in Dave’s show. I’m definitely going to be a proud owner and hope to give this piece many more years of “stage time.”
Needless to say, there will be plenty of eye-candy in the new show and I’m really looking forward to presenting it as soon as I can!
So far, we are looking at February to be a big month for shows available to the public! I’m currently working with a local school to put on a fundraiser and night of magic. I’ll keep everyone updated about it as the project unfolds.

Please check back often as 2012 makes its way…

Until then… May each of your days be filled with wonder, excitement, and most importantly- MAGIC!

~Bryan Gilles


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